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Auxiliaries for Pretreatment
# Low alkali short time pretreatment --- Eurolan Super Blue HC
# Low temperature pretreatment --- Argaprep LTP-G
# Universal Sequestering Agent --- Argaquest A001
# Anticrease for heavy GSM fabric

Auxiliaries for Dyebath
# Levelling Agent for Reactive Dyes
# Special Levelling Agent for critical shades
# Levelling Agent for Disperse Dyes
# Anti-reducing Agent for Disperse Dyes

Auxiliaries for Wash Off
# Special Soaping Agent/Washing Agent/Wash-off for Reactive Dyes --- Argacel SW Conc.
TDS & MSDS from Manufacturer
TDS & MSDS from Supplier
# Low Temperature Soaping Agent for Reactive Dyes --- Argacel SW-LT
# Soaping Agent for Disperse Dyes --- Argacel SW-PES
# Single unique Soaping Agent/Washing Agent/wash-off for blended fabrics --- Argacel TCW

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Auxiliaries for Fixing Dyestuffs
# Fixing Agent for Reactive Dyes
# Special Fixing Agent for green shades
# Wet Rubbing Fastness Improver

Finishing Chemicals
# Cationic Softener
# Non-ionic Softener
# Silicone Softener

Optical Brightening Agent
# Most selling OBA --- Argaphor 4BK
# More stable OBA --- Argaphor 2B Conc.