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Auxiliaries for Pretreatment
Desizing Agents
Wetting & Detergent
Bleaching & Mercerizing Agent
Sequestering Agent
Peroxide Stabilizer
Peroxide Killer

Auxiliaries for Dyebath
Lubricating Agent
Levelling Agent for Reactive & Disperse Dyes
Soaping Agent for Reactive Dyes
Fixing Agent for Reactive & Acid Dyes
pH Sliding Agent
Reduction Cleaner for Disperse Dyes
Antifoaming Agent

Finishing Chemicals
Softener (Cationic, Non-ionic, Silicone, Hydrophilic)
Yarn Lubricating Agent
Water Repellent Agent
Daylight Fastness Enhancing Agent
Anti Slipping Agent
Color Shade Improving Agent
Flame Retarding Agent
Anti-bacterial Agent
Wet Rubbing Fastness Improver

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