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Argus (Shanghai) Textile Auxiliary Co., Ltd. is one of the leading chemical manufacturer in the world. They provide assurance to their global customers that the chemicals they supply comply with leagal requirements of famous readymade garments retailers around the globe.

Their products are compliant with Oeko-Tex. They offer GOTS certificate for their products. They are also system partner of Bluesign. Day by day they are increasing number of items in their Bluesign approved product list. They are very conscious about Retailers' Restricted Substance List (RSL). Most of their products are of ZDHC level 3.

Argus (Shanghai) Textile Auxiliary Co., Ltd. is very stong in research and development. They are tirelessly working to develop new products and idea that can help in water and energy saving. They have already launched some products to perform this job.

We, Tex Anchor, believe that we can work together with Argus (Shanghai) Auxiliary Co., Ltd. to build a greener world.

+880 1713 077 489